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0/. The study area is located on the peneplain of eastern Saudi Arabia, sloping gently towards the Arabian Gulf (Fig. Scaling of the local well logs to large-scale aquifer pump tests was done, where nine wells were tested for pumping test and well log analyses (5 wells). 09 × 10−2 m2/s, and 1.

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A number of cross plots, histograms, and vertical analogs were constructed and interpreted. The upper zone of UER aquifer (Z1) is the best hydraulic zone with good porosities (total and effective porosity), high specific yield and high permeability. esri.  8. Learn more about Institutional subscriptionsThe chemical analysis of 25 water wells in Iranshahr plain has been evaluated to determine the hydro-geochemical processes and ion concentration background in the region.

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 1 for location) showing the unconfined and confined zones of UER aquifer as well as groundwater flow directions from west to east. Meanwhile, the low hydraulic check my site of the UER Formation (Z2) are reflected in its high GR and the intermediate-to-high apparent water resistivity (Rwa, 0. Total and effective porosity histograms for well No.  15).

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3524561We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Far to the east, near the Arabian Gulf, the UER aquifer exhibits a confined condition. In these carbonate aquifers, directions of groundwater flow may be difficult to predict, because of their anisotropic nature and existing geologic structures. The third zone (Z3) has low hydraulic properties and thus limited water production can originate through this zone.

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6; (a) all rock units and (b) UER aquifer. Although these rock units are characterized by low GR, a wide range of Rwa (0. The effective porosity distribution (ϕeff) is illustrated in Fig. 28 ϕNeff 0. They have been widely used in evaporites and carbonate reservoirs to highlight its fracture system.

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A precise image of the aquifer can be achieved using an integrated approach in which well logging and pumping test data are conjointly interpreted. 8 × 10−4 with an average of 2. They have anisotropic performance because of the consequence of preferential flows website link bedding plane fractures and joints, particularly in folded rocks. No pore system or fluid content are indicated in front of the Rus Formation. They are relatively moderate to low, with average values of 1.

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The broad anticlinal system forces groundwater flow through anticlinal axes and in places it overflows from one to a nearby anticline. Estimation of aquifer hydraulic parameters is affected by aquifer stratigraphic position (unconfined, confined, leaky, and partial penetration vertical anisotropy); therefore, different interpretive techniques are used4,5,6,7,8,9. The following are the main conclusions:The UER imp source was found to be a leaky confined to confined aquifer with permeable zones because of the karstification process associated with the development of fractures, particularly above the anticlinal structures. The computed saturation indices demonstrate oversaturated condition with respect to dolomite and calcite and undersaturated with gypsum and fluorite. Instant access to the full article PDF. Fifty-five groundwater samples were collected and analyzed for pH, electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids, hardness, major anions (F−, Cl−, NO3, HCO3
−, SO4
2−) and cations (Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, K+).

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The effective porosity is further generated after correcting for the shale effect51,52,53. 3 software is used to create this map, http://www. The obtained results confirmed the possibility of obtaining a detailed satisfactory estimation of hydraulic parameters using well-log analyses, which was validated using the results of the long-duration pumping test. The constructed shale volume histogram of well No. org/10.

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Study results reveal that groundwater of the area is alkaline in browse around here and HCO3
−, Cl−, Mg2+, Na+ and Ca2+ are the major contributing ions to the dissolved solids.  4). Generally, groundwater quality of the UER aquifer deteriorates eastward towards the Arabian Gulf from 1000 mg/1 near the outcrop to 6000 mg/1 along the coastal area38,39. .